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Aug 29, 2019 

Subtitled: Synonyms, characteristics, actions; you don’t know; problems; blame.

Today Sandy and Lon Golnick have a short conversation discussing “What is a relationship?” The question is not answered here, but what’s given are a few things to consider when attempting to understand...

Aug 23, 2019 

Today Sandy and Lon Golnick have a short conversation about the 3 facts about relationships in hopes of leaving you with questioning, wondering, and curiosity about relationships.

  1. Relationships are natural.
  2. There is no escaping breakdowns in your relationships even though relationship is...

Aug 15, 2019

Does your relationship have what it takes to last?

A relationship could be considered to be a structure. And like any structure, its strength and durability is determined by its foundation. A strong foundation produces a strong, lasting relationship.

The strength and longevity/survivability...

Aug 3, 2019 

Lon and Sandy Golnick were interviewed in the mid-2000s by their good friend and associate Jill Raiguel, MS, MST, and who is a California Marriage & Family Therapist. It was recorded and engineered by Bill Corkery Productions. The recording became a CD which we've released here as the...