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Jun 9, 2020

Well, our first question for you is, “Are you willing to set aside your penchant to fix, change or leave your relationship?”

Leaving, either physically or emotionally, surely doesn’t resolve anything. It simply transports your concerns to your next relationship.

But staying and trying to deal with it doesn’t resolve anything either - especially when you don’t know what you’re dealing with. Fixing and changing do not work when you don’t know what you’re working on in the first place.

So now what?

Are you willing to let go of trying to find solutions?  And in doing so, discover there may be nothing to fix?  Are you open to seeing things about relationships that you haven’t seen before, the seeing of which has whatever hasn’t been working simply disappear? Vanish! Poof! 

The first thing to see is that you, and all of the relationship experts that we’ve talked to, do not know what a relationship is. Simply because you and they haven’t been asking the question, “What is a relationship?”

Are you open and willing to start from scratch, to explore and discover what a relationship actually is?  

When you are clear about what a relationship is, what it is that you’re actually dealing with, most of the things that you have been working hard to resolve simply clear up. And you find yourself at ease with new concerns and possibilities. 

Your relationships move through their ups and downs without major stress and frustration. They flow as they’re designed to flow, and you experience the peace, ease and fulfillment that are natural to relationship.

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